About Après Studio

Après Studio is an independently run Australian brand born in 2017.
Our goal is to to create timeless, lifestyle enhancing garments grounded by respect for the environment.

Our clothing is designed to last beyond the season, moving away from the practice of fast-fashion that generates enormous waste with huge environmental implications. We aim to remove the stigma that clothing should only be worn once or twice. Our clothing is designed to serve as key standout essentials that can be mixed-and-matched and built upon. We aim to inspire our customers to explore their own personal style through considered design in order to generate a more sustainable future.

We are ethically produced, firsthand friends with our makers and transparent with our practice. We pride ourselves on the detailing within garments to ensure quality and longevity - our pieces are dropped in trans-seasonal limited editions.

We put responsibility, transparency and style at the core of everything we do. Our aim is to ensure that every garment we make features as many sustainable attributes as feasibly possible.

We are as open and curious about the origin of our fabrics as we are conscious of their impact.

We’re not expecting to get it right every time. However, we believe that by using 100% recycled materials, natural dyes and cotton from organic farms we can make a difference in the world of fashion so your style doesn’t cost the earth. 

We believe that what goes around comes around, literally. We are working hard behind the scenes with our makers so that we can offer you the opportunity to return your garments after use. We will then, (bam) turn them into new product! Cool, right?

Our responsibility efforts don't just stop with our clothing. We use 100% recycled materials for our packaging and boxes. All orders are mailed to you in recycled and recyclable tissue in a home compostable bag.

Après Studio operates online and ships worldwide. 

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