Studio Playdate With Après Doll, Elsa (@etherealelsa)

Studio Playdate With Après Doll, Elsa (@etherealelsa)

Jan 20, 2023

Meet Elsa Rae, the Melbourne-based content producer and fashion girly.

Describe your style in a sentence or a sprinkle of words?

“I would say feminine, ethereal, and playful yet sophisticated”.

What role does fashion play in your life?

“It really is everything to me! Since I was little, dressing up everyday is what drove me. It’s my main avenue through which I express my creativity, and having the freedom to dress exactly how I want empowers me so much”.

How did you discover Après Studio?

“I was following a stylist on Instagram and saw her posting a few of her old pieces for sale on her story - one of them was the CUTEST blue sheer top I’ve ever seen and I just had to snap it up. As soon as I received it  I looked up the brand and fell in love”.

What was it about Après Studio that caught your eye?

“I love how the brand maintains a sense of cohesion without repetition - each collection is something entirely new, yet so recognisably Après. You can spot a piece across a room and immediately know it’s Après without having to see a logo". 

What Après Studio piece tugs on your heartstrings the most?

“It’s so hard to choose a favourite! But at the moment, I’d have to say the Chi Chi Top - its balletcore at its absolute finest and the girly girl in me is obsessed”.

How would you style it and for what occasion?

“I’m heading to Laneway festival in a few weeks, and I envision wearing the Chi Chi Top with some vintage denim cutoffs and vintage tan cowboy boots. Of course topped off with some plaits and bows”.

How do you spend time when you’re not working?

“I’m a content girlie through and through so most of my spare time is spent taking styling videos for my socials - it’s SO much fun and makes me explore my closet and come up with so many fun outfit ideas to re-wear throughout the week! But after all that, enjoying a cherry spritz at golden hour with my besties and boyfriend is what makes my heart happy <3”.

Any positive parting words of advice?

“Something I’m trying to live by this year is not saving my nice clothes for nice occasions! I love all my incredible pieces in my wardrobe too much to save them - they deserve to see the world”.

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