Chats and Tunes with Lari Félix

Chats and Tunes with Lari Félix

Feb 05, 2024
We chat to Larrisa Félix, creative crush from Brazil now living in Northern NSW, Australia.


What name do you go by amongst friends and where do you currently reside?

 Hiiii! My friends usually call me Lari, I'm originally from Brazil but I have been lucky enough to call Byron Bay home for 12 years now.



Have you been there most of your life?

I've spent a significant portion of my life in Brasilia the capital of Brazil. At 18, I took a leap and moved to Australia to learn English, and I've been here ever since.



How do you favour spending most of your time?

My days are a mix of everything. To kickstart the day, I jump out of bed and head straight into my exercise routine — I absolutely love it. I believe it sets the tone for success. And when I need a break, you'll find me at the beach, enjoying music or a good book. It's my go-to spot for relaxation and recharge.


We adore your style; you are so clever! What sparked your interest in the fashion world?

Thank You!! My love for fashion goes way back to my childhood. I remember asking my mom to make clothes for my dolls and sitting next to her, enthusiastically exchanging ideas on how I wanted them to look. Fashion, for me, is an ongoing researching, it's like a mood board of emotions woven into fabrics—it's a constant in my life. It changes daily, and it's simply a matter of deciding whether to follow a trend or create one.



What do you currently do for work?

I'm the Head of Marketing and Creative Content at Del Rainbow, a global wholesale agency. In my free time, I'm also a stylist, working with various brands. The joy for me lies in seeing the vision come to life.

What helps you when you’re lacking in creative inspiration?

I often turn to go back to my roots – flipping through magazines, scrolling Tumblr. I'm still a 'Tumblr girl' at heart. Music is my go-to, i am always sharing with friends. A great banger has the power to transport me miles away.



What are you currently reading?

I have just finished reading 'Verity' by Colleen Hoover, and next on my reading list is 'L’isola di Arturo' by Elsa Morante.

What are you currently obsessed with listening to?

Lately, a bunch of techno has been hitting the spot for me :)

How do you feel when you wear your Après pieces?

Having Après in my wardrobe means you don't need much to look effortlessly cool.

Lari has curated a playlist to spark your creativity and refresh your high rotation. Listen HERE.

Photography Brydie Watson


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