Behind the making of our vintage patchwork jeans.

Behind the making of our vintage patchwork jeans.


Hi, It's me here, ~again~.

Slowly, I have been working on a lot of exciting things, mostly to distract me from the melancholic humdrum of being in perpetual lockdown, but these creative pursuits are saving me.

We hope in turn they're making you feel motivated to get dressed everyday. I know if I'm wearing a powerful responsibly made outfit, I, in turn, feel powerful and responsible and more motivated to take things on.

Based on your feedback, we have increased our size offering. To make this happen we have been putting aside extra cash to cover the additional fees for each size as well as new patterns and extra fabric. We feel this is a worthy investment to release this style in a truly inclusive size range. This will be our first style testing this and we can't wait to see photos of you all feeling yourself in these special labours of love. 

If you've been following us on social media, you would have seen sneak peaks of these jeans over the last 6 months. We have finally gotten the fit to a place where we feel like they're wearable, trans-seasonal, comfortable and stylish.

Here is me wear testing our first sample pictured below;


I have worked with these makers a lot in the past and spent 3 months of 2019 over in their factory in Thailand . When I am over there, I spend most of my time pattern making, grading and sewing samples up using deadstock vintage clothing and fabrics that would otherwise end up in land fill.

These makers reworked vintage denim for some of the bigger brands (which I don't think I can afford the legal fees to mention lol). Sometimes the denim is re-worked into shorts and therefore there are boxes on boxes of unused offcuts of different coloured denim legs sitting there taking up a lot of storage space. This image has been etched in my mind for a while now and I have been wanting to do something about it.


We wear and wash our designs a lot before we offer them to you. 

We like to ensure we've done the leg work and product research so we can iron out any design or fabric flaws before we produce anything. We only ever want to offer you garments we whole heartedly believe in. You can feel that confidence when you wear something we've created.

Each piece of denim offcuts has been carefully laid out like puzzle pieces, slowly reforming the legs of a pair of denim jeans. This is a time consuming process. After this each square piece is sewn together to form leg panels. Then the garment is constructed, finished with a waistband, belt loops, a button and pocket bags and you know what? Every single part of these jeans are recycled apart from the thread!

Because it's all vintage denim, it means that it's pre worn and super duper soft already. None of that stiff denim discomfort.

How cute are these pocket bags! I wonder which colour yours will be??

All of these elements come together to form the same style of jean, but each piece is truly unique with the different placement of many shades of denim. I think this makes them even cooler, after-all we then get to celebrate all of our uniqueness! Nobody will ever have the exact same pair as you.


Here are some unedited Iphone pictures of the jeans styled for cooler weather. I have paired them with our cropped chocolate hoodie.


Here are some unedited Iphone pictures of the jeans styled for cooler weather. I have paired them with our white cotton corset but it sold out! So here is a link to our bamboo halter which I think will look equally as cute.


My gorgeous intern Emily has helped me put together this super easy to follow size guide for all of our sizes on offer. We have sizes XXS - XXXXL on offer.

You can wear them low slung, or wear them high waisted! Just measure around where you'd like them to sit. Please note the measurement is taken when garment is flat so double it if you're measuring the circumference EG XXS - 34CM flat / 68CM circumference.

Size chart.

Tim wears our size 36 / XXL

Alex wears our size 30 / S



We suggest the following care to be taken;





Now, seriously, nobody enjoys washing do they? I don't. Summer is better for at least the sun blesses your limbs with warm kisses where as winter freezes fingers!

Being a responsible brand doesn't end with us, it continues with you.

The way that you wash and care for your garments can increase the life span dramatically and therefore mitigates the need to buy more.

We offer this garment in sizes XXS-XXXXL. However, if you would ever like a piece custom made for you, our makers can usually do this for us at a slightly higher cost. Just email us and we can place your custom order!

Thanks for investing your time in us and our responsible clothing.

Be kind to one another, and love your mother.


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