Behind the making of our rouched cotton skivvy.

Behind the making of our rouched cotton skivvy.


Hi, It's us here! We really hope you're going okay.

We're based out of Melbourne, Australia and we personally feel like the last 2 years of our lives has blurred into one massive lockdown. You with us??

We're half vaccinated and feeling half motivated again. (Today, anyway).

We have been slowly working on this style ~ This warm, comfortable, environmentally honouring and stylish skivvy.

We received the first sample back from our maker Daisy and fell in loveHere it is below;

Rouched cotton skivvy.


The fabric we have chosen to work with, is a super soft brushed cotton deadstock gingham.

The initial colour-way we chose to run with was baby blue. We thought it was a super beautiful colour and pairs really easily with both black and blue denim. We always design with ease of dressing in mind.


Blue rouched cotton skivvy.

We wear our designs a lot before we offer them to you. We also wash them a bunch too.

We like to ensure we've done the leg work and product research so we can iron out any design or fabric flaws before we produce anything. We only ever want to offer you garments we have whole heartedly believe in. You can feel that sort of confidence when you wear something we've created.

Rouched cotton skivvy.

 Each line of elastic thread has been intricately sewn across the body and the sleeves. This gives the garment the gathered look, increases flexibility and adds to comfort. My mum, a textiles teacher taught me how to create this effect from the ago of 10. It didn't take long for it to become a favourite signature of mine. This technique is called shirring.

I've been fluctuating in weight and motivation a lot during lockdown, so although this is a tight fitting garment, this shirring helps fit your forever fluctuating curves with ease.

As this techniques uses almost double the amount of fabric, the cost to make each of these skivvies was a bit of a blowout.

After spending 2 months testing and sampling the skivvy at different lengths and with different armhole cuts, the leftover fabric in this blue colour had sold out!!

Blue rouched skivvy.

 I toyed with the idea of producing the skivvy without the shirring but it took so much away from the aesthetic and comfort and felt like a huge compromise.

After crunching numbers, I asked my audience if they would invest in this skivvy knowing that I would have to retail the skivvy for $229.

As shown below, 85% of you said yes! So I took the gamble and fronted my $5,000 production bill.

Rouched cotton skivvy.

Daisy sent me a handful of other dead-stock gingham swatches to choose from, and thankfully there was this neutral cream and chocolate colour-way with a super subtle electric blue stripe throughout.

Swatches and care instructions.

It worked with all of my pants in my wardrobe but needed that extra little pop of personality and colour.

I toyed with the idea of baby-locking the edges either bubblegum colour or electric blue. The bubblegum felt too childish.

Blue was the hue!


As shown on our care labels, we suggest the following care to be taken;


 Now, seriously, nobody enjoys washing do they? I don't. Summer is better for at least the sun blesses your limbs with warm kisses where as winter freezes fingers!

Being a responsible brand doesn't end with us, it continues with you.

The way that you wash and care for your garments can increase the life span dramatically and therefore mitigates the need to buy more.

Rouched cotton skivvy.

 We offer our garments in sizes XS-XL as the more sizes we pattern make, the more expensive the costs are for us and the higher the minimum order quantity.

However, if you would ever like a piece custom made for you, our makers can usually do this for us at a slightly higher cost. Just email us and we can place your custom order!

Thanks for investing your time in us and our responsible clothing.

Be kind to one another, and love your mother.

Loveheart with legs.


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